OUR VISION: To provide food to the Eagle Point Food Pantry on a year-round basis.

OUR MISSION: To create a sustainable program that will facilitate the operation and continued growth of the Food Project.

The Eagle Point Food Project (EPFP) was started in January 2012 by a small group of residents who wanted to help fight hunger in our community. We heard about the success of the Ashland and Medford Food Projects and wanted to start a similar project in Eagle Point. We adopted the same simple, door-to-door food collection system to enable people to pitch in and help.

We have three goals:
1. To provide a regular supply of food to hungry neighbors
2. To create new neighborhood connections and strengthen the community.
3. To serve as a model for other communities

Armed with brochures that proclaimed, “You want to help, we want to make it easy!” EPFP volunteers canvassed their neighborhoods, knocking on doors and inviting neighbors to participate. Whenever people said, “Yes,” the volunteers gave them a green bag and suggested that they buy just one extra nonperishable food item each week and store it in their bag. The volunteers promised to stop by the donors’ homes every two months, pick up their green bag, and take it directly to the food pantry.

The Eagle Point Food Project’s first collection was on February 11, 2012. Five volunteers (Neighborhood Coordinators) picked up green bags from about 56 neighbors and friends in Eagle Point and delivered 847 pounds of food to the Access Food Bank. In June 2012, we started delivering the food directly to the Eagle Point Food Pantry. This enables us to share the food we collect with people who need it in our own community. Seven years later, in April 2019, we have grown to 29 Neighborhood Coordinators picking up food from about 534 households in Eagle Point. We collect about 6.500 pounds of food every other month and deliver it to the Eagle Point Food Pantry. As of April 2019, we have collected 222,420 pounds of food, one green bag at a time!

It’s an amazing success story…but there’s still plenty of need in our community, and plenty of room for the EPFP to grow. So, join us! Get in touch and let us know how you want to help.


Eagle Point Food Project

P.O. Box 706
[email protected]

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