Small Town America.

 You'll find it in the bends of rivers and at the bases of mountains, blending into the landscape rather than disrupting the scenery.

They offer a respite from the frantic pace that often comes with living in a major metropolitan area. They are filled with unpretentious people who want to preserve what makes their places unique.

It's About Caring.

Since 1911, Eagle Point has been far more than an address line or stop on the highway. It is a collection of people who truly care for one another, who believe what makes a place worth living in are the people.

Eagle Point takes pride in the fact that we can recount a story of a random act of kindness that has happened; in fact, many of us have committed these acts.


When visiting Eagle Point and the Upper Rogue area you will see first-hand why this part of Southern Oregon is much more than just a city, dots on the map, or a collection of buildings, but small town America at its best with a vibrant community of people. Come visit Eagle Point and the Upper Rogue and see for yourself.

Independence Day Central.

Those living in the Upper Rogue will flood the streets of Eagle Point on the 4th of July, sitting several rows deep and show the pride they have in this community. People from around our region will gather to be part of this amazing atmosphere and remark that they cannot believe this environment still exists today.

Find Something to Do.

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