SAT preparation class

This three week/two times a week class will be taught with over site from SOU staff. It is being offered so that more EPHS juniors and seniors will be prepared to take the SAT test. Positive/high SAT test scores are an important part of college admittance and scholarships. The students who take the SAT preparation class will be more successful and have less test anxiety because they have learned how to take the test. The fee includes all needed materials.
The SAT scores in Oregon are above the national average while the SAT scores from EPHS have been below average. This is an important opportunity for all EPHS juniors and seniors to show what the EPHS students can do. If you h ave more questions contact Mrs. Newcomb or Mr. Rupp

  • Location: Eagle Point High School 203 N. Platt St., , Oregon Eagle Point, 97524
  • Directions:
  • Reservations/Registration: Students are to sign up by April 23 with Mrs. Murdoch in the book keepers office.
  • Cost: $140.00
  • Event Website:
  • Organization: EAgel Point High School Site committee is sponsoring the class
  • Contact Phone Number: (542)830-1300
  • Contact Email:

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